Well, if she didn't know I was gay before...

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She probably does now. My mom, that is. She found my print out from the library and it had Kissing Jessica Stein on it. Ha. So, now the next time she's at the library and that's on the shelf she might just flip it over to see what it's about, and wham! It's about a lady going out with another lady. Dammit. I mean she might not, but I bet out of curiosity she will. Usually when I get movies from the library I leave them all in the living room, so this looks a bit suspicious. I don't even know where she found the print out. I guess it fell out of my bag at some point. I'm not super paranoid about it, I'd just rather her not know that I take out gay movies; it might give her a heart attack.

Eh, oh well. I'm pretty sure she's got the picture that I'm gay by now. I've been dropping some pretty big hints the past year.