What's perfect to you? And I'm definitely Bi ;D

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To me, perfect is having flaws. Because the flaws that we have are what we love about each other, and sadly, I must give credit to Jonah for that quote. It's quite true.

Take for example, Hedwig. Mostly because you're the most important case here. You have alot of flaws, like me. (I'm not trying to be mean here ok? Trust me D:)
You've got mood swings that are insane
You're brutally honest
A uncontrollably dramatic
Very loving (most people seem to accept that as bad or clingy)
Quite pervy

What does this give us?

And that, my dears, is why I love flawed people. I bask in uniqueness more than anything else.

Sorry, I'm mood swinging.
at my orchestra thing, there's this girl who played viola. Beautiful. Simply beautiful. Reddish hair, pale skin, rounded nose and just gorgeous eyes...

I liked her. Alot. I'd seriously date that. I don't feel like that towards many girls, just thought I'd share how beautiful she was to me. Simply heavenly.

Eh, I'll never see her again, sadly.