Who would you rather?

Regis Philbin
0% (0 votes)
Brad Pitt
22% (2 votes)
Angelina Jolie
33% (3 votes)
Milla Jovovich
33% (3 votes)
11% (1 vote)
Total votes: 9


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rather what?



go spelunking with?

"The greenbeans are excellent, pass said greenbeans"

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I'm pretty sure PenguinPride meant...

Who would you rather tie up in your bed and whip profusely while making mad passionate love?



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well excuse me..... it was new years eve, i was intoxicated.....

i had a little captain in me......

"The greenbeans are excellent, pass said greenbeans"

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They are all way to old for me and, well, I don't know about you...so, I just chose Angelina Jolie because I like her the best out of those choices :)

But in the future try and add Natalie Portman on your polls for me. Of all the celebs out there she's the one I'd want to, um, hang out with ;)

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Milla stands for yummy in my

Milla stands for yummy in my language ;)

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Gawd he is older then I am....eeeewwwwwuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!

Pitt is cute...but too str8 for me.

Jolie and Milla are female so they are out....

Me...yeah I would do me...I'm cute...smart....hung....good in bed...yeah I would do me....OH YOU MEANT YOU?????? Hummmmmmmm....don't know you yet....are you male or female....over or under 18....hummmmmmm don't know about this now....LOL....Hey welcome to Oasis by the way.


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The ladylovers get two good choices, and the guys get the easiest Sophie's Choice ever?

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