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in later news, ive though up a great new story line. so it revolves around these three teens. and the trinity states(russia korea, and china formed into one super country) go to war wit te coalition (the u.s, newzealend, england, and canada banned togheter to from a simalar super country) and end up casuing a nuclear winter. so the goverment opens up its underground nuclear shelters. first come first serve to whom gets in. so in this one in englnad, these three tenns are in it withabout two hundred other ppl, and enough resources to sustian life almost indefinatly. but an accident haooens and eveyone i the shelter dies accept these three kids. so now to the interesting part lol. two boys and one girl. the one boy is gay, the other bi, and the girl straight. the gay boy and straight girl both vie to gian favore with the bi one who on top of it all is a sex addict. should be interesting...


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Thankyou ferrets. Thanks to

Thankyou ferrets. Thanks to you and swimmerguy i feel alot better now. :D

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That sounds like an EPIC story!

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This started out... a dry dream --- right?

I hope you've got a large supply of papyrus.

Will we be allowed to see the completed novel?

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:) I like the idea. "Please

:) I like the idea.

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