4 nights of FUN :)

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..."everybody need inspiration, everybody needs a soul. the beautiful melody, when the nights alone. cause there is no guarantee that this life is easy..."

4 nights mann.
thursday to sunday.

-a friend of mine had a bag of weed that she was selling and this girl that she met on CL wanted some...and my friend is kinda "talking" to this girl but my friend is not gay nor bi :/...
-my friend ended up forgetting the bag at home and so she txted me to grab it from her house, which i did and meet up with her at work. so i went and the girl that she was to meet was there and OHMYGOD...she's so CUTE lol.
-story short...i ended up going with them to that girls house and smoking some weed and drinking some absolut....good chill night.

-met up with a couple friends and made a new friend.
-watched Valentine's Day.

-went out clubbing.
-hella good night.

-soooo tired cause didn't sleep from night before 'cause i had to open at work. -_-
-ended up meeting up with a old crush/friend. some things came out into the open.

4 nights of FUN...all out past 2...not home til like 4 or 5. -_-


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Woah o.o More fun than I've

Woah o.o
More fun than I've had in AGES.
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