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I don't know how to say this, but I know I have to. I am a dreamer. I sit, dream, think, love, hate, long for you. You know me. You know the real me. I let you. I let you find me, take me, hold me, love me. I wish you'd love me in the way I want. I wish it could be true.

Never. You can't. It's impossible. I'm a woman. But here I'll sit, typing and writing and trying to pray and pray that you might someday. I know I say that love has no gender, and it's true for me. But I'm bisexual. I guess that's all I've ever known, loving just the closest people in my lives. You don't love me, you never have... You love him though... You talk about him more than me, you always have. God, why did I have to be born a female? I don't want to be.
I'm... a man. I should be. I want to be. Maybe I'd have a chance, then, to get the people I seem to love the most. I don't know. I don't know anymore what I feel. I think one thing, and then in reality it's the other way around. Come home, that is a song I have adopted for myself, it envisions so much about my life right now.

Come home, come home,
'cause I've been waiting for you,
for so long, so long,
and right now there's
a war between the vanities
but all I see
is you and me
the fight for you
is all I've ever known...
So come home.

...six cuts today.

I miss you.


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I luv you no matter what you

I luv you no matter what you are! and STOP CUTTING!

A man is educated and turned out to work. But a woman is educated and turned out to grass.
Pearl S. Buck

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*slaps on face* STOP

*slaps on face* STOP CUTTING! *steals all ur blades* HA We win!

Life is hard, but immortality is harder... Jasper Eversor Force

"Memories are nice, but thats all they are, you know?" - Rikku-FFX

"No matter how dark the night, morning always comes, and our journey begins anew." - Lulu-FFX