About that girl..

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She texted me asking if we were cool, cuz she felt bad for being all pissy yesterday.

I told her the truth. Sure we're cool, I guess... she didn't do anything that actually insulted me, she didn't upset me, make me mad, whatever. But she's arrogant as hell, and I really hate arrogant people, or people that constantly put other people down, whether they mean to or not.

I just left it at that. And hopefully she can too.

In other news... my tooth feels weird today. Like it moved or something... but that would be really weird, 'specially since I actually wore my retainer last night..oO

Ohyeah, and break started today. Gods I needed it.. nothing exciting happening though. Whatever. xD

Nowait... that's not all. My english teacher actually noticed that I was really quiet today.. mostly cuz that girl's in my english class and I was busy thinking about how obnoxious she was. And the -one- question I couldn't answer was the one he called on me for... whatever. He aslo thinks that actign liek af at pigeon is a substitute for a model walk.. he's crazy.

And cute guy... I actually facebook stalked him today. Ohboy. And I'm not accepting or denying the fan invitation he sent me.. cuz I refuse to accept one of those, but, I mean... he actually sent me one. >>

this is gonna get interesting. xD

Food time..