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..."let you go, walk away. dont turn around, nothing to say. before another lover is lost, baby because I was just an afterthought..."

this is actually a nice deep song.
Afterthoughts by: Unknown.

i'm home.
today was the first day of my 6-day work week.
5 more days to go.
i'm glad that i had the weekend to try and rest up for this week.
i think i'm beginning to not have a life...again.
when i first started working at Jamba in 2007.
all i did was work. or was at work.
if i wasn't at school or work...i was at home.
and if i wasn't at school or home...i was at work.
and now...its getting the same way.
i literally spent my weekend at work. and i didn't have to work.
except saturday, but even saturday i wasn't supposed to work...i volunteered.
but other than work...
i finally got to hangout with a newly close friend of mine.
she'd always inviting me out to hang out with her and her friends but i always refuse and not go.
but i decided that i needed a night out.
-plus my coworkers and friend said i needed to go lol.
so i went.
i went with her for a little party at her friends house.
there was about 6 of us at first just chilling and drinking.
i got to play beerpong for the first time :)
but me n the girl lost :(
we were winnning tho haha.
then 4 more people came.
we took shots.
kahlua&baileys. yum.
and UV blue. yum.
i haven't drank since new years.
so i was limiting myself 'cause i had to drive home too.
i had about 4 heinekens and 2 shots.
i was buzzed but not close to being drunk lol.
just enough to feel good!

it was actually a good night.
got to meet new people.
try to forget shit.
which never happened 'cause i ended up txting her.
and it ended up in us fighting when i got home 'cause she was mad that i was drinking...
cause of my past experiences in drinking.
i hate that i love her so much.
i hate that i can't let her go.
i hate that i want to be with her so much.
this is why i've been working so much.
to keep myself busy.
i'm just waiting for things to slowly fall into place.


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I'd usually offer something cheery...

But right now I feel like saying...

Odds are, it ain't falling into place. Things don't work themselves out.

About drinking... Sounds like a great idea. Maybe It'll calm my buzzing mind and let me sleep.


I love you.

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yeah i know. thanks tho

yeah i know.
thanks tho :)

"i am who i am, so don't judge me for being myself"