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I'm going to want there to be a test every day in Mythology now. XD

I ended up sitting with two of the hottest guys at school at lunch today. Well, in my opinion anyway. :P I sat with Guitar-class-kid who I haven't spoken to since guitar class ended, and that kid I was talking about earlier this year, I think I called him "Giraffe" or something.

So yeah. I'm awesome.

...That's all I really wanted to say. I mean, I've got other crazy stuff going on but I don't feel the need to talk about it. So there. :P


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You still should talk about

You still should talk about your other crazy stuff.

It sounds cool.
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Hahaha, should I call your

Hahaha, should I call your school and demand a never-ending stream of mythology tests for you? Hmm... I'll need the school's phone number for that...

That's awesome though. xD

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