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So this is what caring about people is like eh?

It's stressful.

I haven't been updating recently because I can't think of anything not ranty or stupid to say. :P I end up writing paragraphs of journal and just deleting them because they are ranty and stupid.

I've been playing unhealthy amounts of pokemon recently.

And I bought Thirteenth Step by A Perfect Circle on a whim. Best impulse buy I've made in a while.

And my mom apparently doesn't like me much. But eh. I guess I'm kind of used to that. She didn't show much interest in seeing me when she came up for her hearing.

That's fine.

I don't feel disowned or anything. I'm so not getting abandonment issues over this.


I should do my homework. I miss school actually. It's a good distraction, and I need a distraction. But I'll dread going if I don't have my homework done. XP


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*huggle* I've been playing

I've been playing wayyyy too much pokemon as well. It's certainly addicting. Especially wi-fi...

I hope you feel better. I dun like seeing you sad and stuff :C
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