Beauty and the Beast

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I'm addicted to this movie.


What is it about it? The fact that Belle is just the perfect princess to me? Or the fact that the beast would be like, the perfect guy for me? Haha. I dunno. Something about a person who's misunderstood, hard to control, yet protective is... very attractive to me XD

Except I feel like that sometimes. Maybe I AM the beast then. Sounds like picture time to me! :D

I'm really enjoying drawing lately. It's quite lovely. I wonder if I make shorter journals if people'll comment?



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Haha, i'll just comment for

Haha, i'll just comment for the heck of it :P so, how's the drawing coming along?

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Yaaaaaaaay comment! It's ok.

Yaaaaaaaay comment!
It's ok. It's only at outline phase right now XD who knows if I'll finish it haha
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haha, i be curious as to what yer drawing

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Hunchback of Notre Dame

I'm addicted to it. I've watched it four times this week since Sunday.