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I hurt. I danced so much today. We had a dance at our school, and I went wild. I slow danced with Garret twice. Fun. I played some basketball with Katy too, and Jonah even played a little at the end. He kept looking at me today o.o I don't know if he's pissed at me or what... But it was scary. It wasn't glaring though, so I shouldn't worry. He didn't make any mean comments either. Maybe he wants to make up? I dunno. I sent him a thank-you email for playing with us. I hope it'll be ok. I figured something out about Brea... I'll explain now.

She's always been in love with Jonah I think. Ever since Hoffer dumped her. I remember the first time she went over to his house with me they were trying to kiss, just as a joke, but...


And now, her grandma died today. I'm apologizing. I feel bad, you know? I know that pain.

I really do want to clear the water even though they hate me and even though I can't stand being around Brea. I think, she's afraid that somebody will steal Jonah. Because Hannah was all winking at him and he was winking at her (Because he's flirty, like me, and was saying "It's the quickest way to make someone uncomfortable!") and then Brea got pissed at Hannah and was saying "I want to punch you so bad right now" And "I wanna smash you into a wall." and I was like WHOA WHAT THE FUCK because if you KNOW HANNAH you know that she'd never hurt a fly! D:

So I've concluded that the whole scene where I was gonna apologize to Jonah about being clingy and then I asked Brea to remind me but she picked a fight and then got Jonah to sick me?

Yeah. I think she doesn't want me getting close to Jonah because she doesn't want him going back after me. Which is stupid. Stupid stupid. She really thinks he'd choose ME over HER? Hah.

Anyways, I just thought that was funny and rediculous. I'm also sort of addicted to the ABBA cover of "Gimme Gimme Gimme" from Beseech. Metal FTW dude! :D


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I like the :D at the end the

I like the :D at the end the most. Keep up the :D.

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Haha. I'll try. - There

Haha. I'll try.
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