Daw Crap..

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I weirded out cute kid. So much for that.

Maybe I should just go back to watching doogie howser. Maybe I should draw something... it'd make my teacher proud, that's for sure..

Aha, maybe I should draw doogie. xD

I'm a loser. I think I actually had something relatively important to say earlier today, too..

OH. That's right. I just meant to say that 300 is a dangerous movie to watch for anybody that's attracted to guys. No, really... dangerous. >>

Yeah, that was all. Just thought you oughtta know. Bye


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Aww. No more fun with Cute

Aww. No more fun with Cute Kid? :C
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Eh, there wasn't much fun

Eh, there wasn't much fun with him in the first place. xD

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