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So I RP on a forum site... yeah, another way in which I'm geeky. Big shocker. xD

Anywho, this stie has a debaters forum... one of the topics brought up was transgenderism in small children.. like, elementary school years.

Naturally, I read through it..

You would think that if you were on a forum RPing site everybody woudl be open and all that. There was one person who was saying that trans people shoudl be prayed for and brought to counseling, and transitioning is a selfish decision.

It really amazes me that there are actually people like that.. I mean.. I'm sorry, I didn't realize that it was selfish of me to try to be happy? so.. wait.. is it selfish of you to like your legs?

Whatever... I posted an argument up there, hopefully he'll read it and not try to stalk me down so that he can kidnap me and bring me to a change camp or something.. x_X

Innn the meantime.. superbowl tonight. Should be awesome. Well... assuming both of the people that are my friends that should be coming actually do show up.. I'm gonna hafta check for one of them. Or just wait until the rest of his family shows up.. If igure that's a pretty fair marker, no? >>

Anywho.. I'm off. Toodles


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and next...

i guess hes gonna say that walruses should beg fro forgivness, and turn back to there true form...walnuts.

if your ever super sad, just rember, you could have been a blowjob.

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Hahaha, no kidding.

Hahaha, no kidding. xD

"Assets, assets..."

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I like to RP~

It's it funnnnn~



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What is RP? A man is

What is RP?

A man is educated and turned out to work. But a woman is educated and turned out to grass.
Pearl S. Buck

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You like your legs? You're

You like your legs?
You're obviously an inherently evil person. I'll pray for you.

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Which god is it that's in charge of that aspect of humanity?

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He said: "so.. wait.. is it

He said:
"so.. wait.. is it selfish of you to like your legs?"

I was replyin' tah that.

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Ohman, I like my legs. That

Ohman, I like my legs. That makes me an awful person doesn't it? I'd better beg for forgiveness.

(Also, don't let it bug you too much. People can think whatever they want but what's important is that YOU live YOUR life however it is you need to. I think we both know that being something that we are isn't selfish. :P )