Does GAYDAR exist? If it does, I could use it. CAn someone straight have gaydar?

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One of my friends said, when I came out to her, that she thought she had gaydar. She said that she knew that I was queer. That was weird. I know that she doesn't lie, so that isn't an option. Can she have gaydar if she's straight? Does gaydar even exist????? If it does, I could really use it. Have any of you read AM I BLUE? A collection of coming out stories??????????? I wish I had gay fantasy #3. Desperately. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I LOVE AM I BLUE!!!!!!! I have no idea about gaydar though. Sorry :(

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Hey, i'm a girl and I have

Hey, i'm a girl and I have no clue. I wish I did though!!! :(
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I'm not Gay, but my Girlfriend is!!!!!!

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i can usually tell if

i can usually tell if someone is at least curious in the same gender.
idk how to describe it though, it's mostly like in the person's attitude i guess.
though, i have been wrong before. XD

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It's hard to explain how you

It's hard to explain how you can "Tell" people are gay or not. It just happens sometimes *shrug* I'm sorta good at it.
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Usually women and gay people have gaydar. Men only have a sense of gaydar if they think their guyfriend is hitting on them, and even then they're confused. There are of course, some exceptions, but you know.



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I love that book. I think I

I love that book. I think I have excellent gayday. On the other hand, my bestfriend, who is also gay, has terrible gaydar;as he likes to think that both my mom and my gf's mom are lesbians. They're not gay together, but he's still wrong. haha.

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If your friend figured out you were gay, that probably just means she was paying attention. I mean, it's your friend. There are clues, if people see them.

Gaydar usually refers to the ability to determine sexual orientation in people you don't know, I think. Like when I was in Vegas, I passed 6 drunk frat-type boys, and one of them seemed gay to me. So, I made eye contact, he kept it. We passed each other. I turned around. He did, too. We smiled, and kept walking.

Of course, making eye contact with another guy is the easiest gay clue anyway. The straight guys typically look away when a guy they don't know makes eye contact, especially if you hold it, heh.

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