Dr. Horrible

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My two friends put on a play at our high school today. Haha, I wonder if you can guess what it was. ;)

Anywho, one of my friends... er.. well, he was one of my oldest friends but then I lost contact with him, now I kinda know him... oh, here ya go, he was the cute guy from that party a week ago. Yaknow, the one that ferrets asked if he had a nice body and I didn't respond cuz I didn't see the question until like four days after it was asked. Yeah, that one. Anywho, he played Dr. Horrible.

It was pretty much awesome. The problem was my dad had guests.. which is cool and whatnot, but a buncha my friends were there... so me and the younger girl were sitting with them and I wanted to just be part of the group but I couldn't be without ignoring her... and then it was just like "... crap." That's the first time I've felt awkwardish in a long time..

After I went to go hug the cute guy. I kinda knew I had something for him, but the room was suddenly liek fifty degrees hotter... luckily it was dark. :P

Not that I -like- him. I dunno, maybe I do. Nah... not really. But I don't -not- like him. Yaknow what though? I really don't give a crap. For once I'm gonna try not to overthink it and just let it happen. I mean... not that that's possible, but I can try! Maybe...

Whatever. We came home and my dad started showing everybody around. HE took us upstairs to where there's a picture of my sister and I... it's within the seven years that my parents had to take a picture of me before I looked like a guy. There are very few of those left. My dad was like "Look at this picture! Isn't it great! This is the kids when they were younger!" Oh, did I mention that I hadn't met these people before? Meaning i was just a guy? Ugh... he has no flipping censor. I pointed that out to him, but I still haven't mentioned the whole sweetie thing to him. I just can't.. it seems like too minor a thing for now. I just hope I don't explode sometime... ugh.

So now I'm trying to have a conversation with cute kid... problem is, he's tired from the play and probably just wants to go to bed.. well, he told me he did. whatever. I know that, but I can't help but to wanna talk to him. He hasn't responded since.. well, before I started this journal. And this journal is flipping -long-.. I don't blame him. Whatever.

And now I'm tired. I'd go to bed.. but.. nah. Plus, there's more how I met your mother to be watched. Barney getting together with Robin.. that'll be good just cuz it'll be barney showing emotions. xD

Then party tomorrow.... with all of hte friends that I haven't seen in.. well, wayyy too long. I miss them all... I saw a few today just in school and realized how flipping much I miss them... I love them man! They need to have classes with me or... something. Blahg.

And cute guy needs to start wanting to talk to me.. I don't mean right now. I mean in general. Yeah, that'd be nice...

OH.. and I need to be sixteen. But we all already knew that, so..


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Yay for parties! A man is

Yay for parties!

A man is educated and turned out to work. But a woman is educated and turned out to grass.
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bu stilll

was his bod hot XD?

if your ever super sad, just rember, you could have been a blowjob.

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Rofl, maybepossibly...


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