Everyone hop on the friggin' love train!

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It's like a love octopus or something. It's overly complicated.

I suppose I should be truthful with you all.

Here's chains of my love life.

Garret Shelby Tophat Chad Ferrets
Garret Shelby Jonah Brea
Garret Shelby Brea Everyfuckingboyattheschool
Garret Shelby Jacob Grady

Why's it gotta be so complicated?
Why can't it just be


Blahhhhhh. I'm a love whore. Mostly, as I see it, for the people I can't have. This sucks balls. Just like your mom!
It's seven AM. My mom made me a sausage for breakfast but I don't want it because it's greasy. I wanted bacon and hash browns. Why does she have to cook me breakfast before she asks if I'll want to eat it? It annoys me. I can cook my own anyways.

I have a zit on my nose. But it's like... Buried under all my skin and whenever I wrinkle my nose it hurts like frigehpathahoa and so I'm like "ARGH I CANNOT WRINKLE MY NOSE IN DISGUST ;A;" but you know life, it's pretty much a requirement.


Drama llama Shelby will go get tea or something now.

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