Fallout 3

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I'm getting soooo into Fallout 3 now. I got it in, what, October and only now am I really getting into it and, really, all I want to do is play it all night long. But then there is pesky school tomorrow, so I can't. Or, well, I shouldn't. I also found some totally random lesbian couple in the game. It was so weird and so nice to find that. It was made me smile. Maybe I'll expand upon that tomorrow when I'm not so tired :)

Eh...I think I'm going to avoid Comm, again, tomorrow. I just don't know what to do in that class. So, I'm going to go in for Math do another review test and come home. Blah...If it weren't for the stupid essays I'd probably be done this class. Arg...I think it's my teachers lack of rules that's kinda screwed me up this time. I like my teacher. He's really nice and can usually explain things well for me, but he didn't even give me the unit for essays because there wasn't one left to give. But still how the hell am I supposed to do the proper essays if I don't really know what he wants. And he let me make up the topics, which is great, but it would've helped to know what kind of topics he's looking for.

Sigh...I should just ask him, but I'm ashamed to ask him now that it's been a couple weeks and I was supposed to have them finished last Friday. :/