February Break

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Feels like Friday today, it's making me nuts. :P

Tomorrow is Senior Skip day but it's also the day of my Mythology test and this is important because A) It's a test, B) on test days we have a different lunch because our lunch is usually in the middle of the class. It was going to be first lunch but first lunch is too full so now we're going to have fourth lunch. This works because the cute kid from guitar class also has fourth lunch.

So in other words, even though I'm sure that we'll be doing a whole lot of -nothing- in most of my classes tomorrow, I'm going so I don't have to re-take a test and because I haven't spoken to the guitar class guy since guitar class ended. :P

You know what else? It took me until the second half of senior year to start really making friends and to start talking to and getting along with people. Crazy I know.

I'm going to go e-mail my principal now, before I forget.