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it's 10:41pm.
i just got off of work 3 hours ago.
i have school & work tomorrow, going to be out from 8am to 8pm.
i should be happy.
school and work, are going well. besides the point that i have debts that need to be paid.
i'm content with how things are with school and work.
i'm not happy.
i don't need to have/be with someone to be happy.
but i am happy with that person.
that person apparently...
has me only as a second option.
a fucking second option.
...when i'm supposed to be the one she loves?
i believe that she doesn't love me.
for all i know...i really am overreacting and she does love me.
but how will i know, right?
i hate love.
i really do.
i'm just going to sit here at home and go from A to Z on my iPod library and delete/add songs.

so sad.


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I know how you feel *hug*

I know how you feel *hug* it'll be ok sweetie :(
There isn't a sharp line dividing humans from the rest of the animal kingdom. It's a very wuzzie line...and it's getting wuzzier all the time. - Jane Goodall.

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hey sweetheart... i know how

hey sweetheart... i know how you feel.

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ARRGGG my whole comment didn't post. O_O

hold your head high, you deserve to be happy, and if that person can't make that happen... try your best to move on.