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I feel so unbearably frustrated at the moment. Everyone keeps pissing me off and spring break honestly can't get here fast enough. I need a break, I feel like I'm working my ass off in every class with no end. :/

I have to animate a Platypus (which I traded for, but didn't pick specifically) for traditional animation during the break... which should be fun, but additionally frustrating. My current trad. animation project's deadline was moved up to be before the break and I have a ton more to do. >_< I have to write a paper on Francesco del Cairo's 'Judith with the Head of Holofernes' which is a really beautiful piece, so this shouldn't be too bad, however it's due quite quickly. And then I have to work on my most frustrating class's homework... Observational Color... I hate this class... most of the people in it (with a small exception for a few people plus one girl I have a crush on in the class [she's straight Q_Q]) and the way the teacher grades. Additionally our housing deadline lottery is coming up... which means me and my current roommate might be separated (D...:) or we might get crappy housing.

Tonight my roommate and I watched Hoodwinked(?) and Mulan. Mulan as always was awesome... the other movie was eh... *cough* crap with a few funny moments *cough*. ;)

Anyway I hope ya'll are having a less frustrating and less busy week then me. D:

[Additionally I learned this week that Caravaggio is a really interesting historical character, though his actions in life were questionable, his artwork is amazing.]