Gay youth group

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I wish that I could go to the gay youth group that's in my city. I really wish I could, but that would mean explaining to my parents where I'd be going. Eeek! Not happening. It's really neat, though. I've been searching and I found this group that allows people up to the age of 25 to go, so that means I could actually go to it! Pity that, at this point, I won't go. I'd really like to go and be able to talk about everything I feel, about where I am, and be able to talk to people that are going through similar things.

Every time I think about it, it's like I feel I'm so behind. I feel like I should have already gone through all this stuff, y'know? A lot of you guys are in high school (or not even) and are already out, or you are thinking about coming out. And a lot of you guys have a firm grasp on your sexuality. You guys have had sex, kissed, held hands, and done other things with the same-sex. Although, maybe not in that order, lol. Me? I've done none of that and I'm 22!

Of course I didn't really start to seriously think I liked girls until I was 17, almost 18. Late start to the game. And since then I've done nothing about it. I was already out of school, and, wow, this will be such a long and boring story to tell, so I won't indulge. But basically I kept everything inside and never talked to anyone about it. Still haven't, aside from online. So basically now I'd really like to be out there talking about it. I'd also like to make some friends, and it would be even better if some were gay :)

And if possible, it would be nice to eventually come out to my family and my mom, who may or may not be surprised and/or disgusted. Also, it would be nice to actually get a girlfriend, lose the big V, and figure out my sexuality. Is that too much to ask? lol.


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Tell your parents your going

Tell your parents your going to the mall or something and go there instead.