GSA IDEA QUICK!!!!!!!!!!!

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OK, I need an idea for my tomorrow GSA, SUPERIMPORTANTE. Discussion topic that WILL LAST 40 MINUTES would be super-helpful. It's like pulling teeth to get them to talk. I know it's intersex awareness week. Any possible ideas for that?

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Spin the bottle?

Err, how about effective strategies for advancing our cause? Obama supports us, but doesn't seem to do much.

More info:

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along the same line as jeff....truth or dare?

or you could get everyone to tell there storie of coming out to themselves

if your ever super sad, just rember, you could have been a blowjob.

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Left Handedness?

Is the preponderance of left handedness greater amongst gays than in the general population?

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What is it with people

What is it with people mentioning gays and being left-handed?

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Question is not understood

It sounds as though you may find such a study to be offensive. I cannot tell.

Both are common human attributes, but not predominant.

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No, sorry, it came outwrong.

No, sorry, it came outwrong. I'm not offended in any way, but I've heard it mentioned before, w/o prior explanation, so I want to know what the deal is (abnormal amt. o' LGBTers are lefthanded, or what have ya).

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Comment much appreciated!

Thanks for clarifying.

Yes, the parallel between left-handedness and being gay has frequently been commented on.

But the studies have been rather cursory and limited. Even if left-handedness is indeed more common amongst gays than straights... it would probably remain just an interesting observation for some time.

For myself... I have a hunch (nothing more!) that left-handedness is even more common with lesbians. This comes from the few lesbians I've met and from TV.

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Nice, thanks for explaining.

Nice, thanks for explaining.

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marriage? rights? people coming out? homophobes? what jeff said? haha, im not sure about elph's suggestion, although it'd be interesting to see what the people would say XD

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How do you have a gsa where

How do you have a gsa where no one talks?

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...are you saying who have a

...are you saying who have a gsa where people *do* talk? can i have some pointers? my school's gsa *fails* at everything.
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They do, it's just hard to

They do, it's just hard to come up with things to talk about.