hmmmm am i te only one?

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so ive alllways wanted an identical twin :D it would be epic, plus i would have someone that i could tell stuff to that dosnt make sense, that i cant tell oter ppl fo fear of sounding stupid

has anyone else evar wanted an identical twin?


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I've always wanted an

I've always wanted an identical twin!!!!!!!!!!! It would be awesome.

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nahhh I've got friends who

nahhh I've got friends who are identical twins and two pairs of them hate each other. Only one pair of my twin friends actually LIKE each other XD
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well im te best person evar, so of course i would love my twin, cause i love myself XD

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I would certainly

love having two Matthews... But maybe that's just me.

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lol I'm right there with

lol I'm right there with you.

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No fisticuffs :-)

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Just checking...

Am I to understand from this that what you tell us you believe to make sense and possibly doesn't make you sound stupid? Just asking. ;-)

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Doesn't need to be identical...

...I'd have dearly loved to have had a sibling (preferably male) near my age. Being a late-life accident, I was effectively an only child :-(