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Now I'm on season three... and almost done. I'd finish tonight but I'm at my dad's hosue... that means bed at 10 exactly...

I will finish tomorrow though. And that's oddly scary..

Haha, it's funny... I doubt they even wrote it in yet bu tI -swear- I can see wehre Barney's starting to liek Robin. xD

Ohhh dear..

On the plus side it gives me less time to think about the reasons that my life is what most people would consider suckish...

On the downside it gives me less time to think about a proper response to beign asked out..

Ohyeah, did I mention that? I got asked out.. by that person that isn't sure about (her) gender.. but riht now (she) presents as female... I'm not so attracted to girls right now. I dunno, maybe I will be at some point, but... not the point.

So I tol dher in order ot answer that she'd need to come over and watch doctor who.. Yeah, smooth, right? >>