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Haha, I love you guys.

*HUGGLES TO NANOOK* Cuz you're awesome and smarter than me. Well, you're awesome.

*HUGGLES TO PAT* Cuz you're the best dude ever. and you need hugs. >.<

*HUGGLES TO CHAD* Cuz you're more forgiving than I am.

*HUGGLES TO FERRETS* Cuz you're like, the pope of ferrets. Duh.

*HuGGLES TO MERRIC* Cuz you like Neil Gaiman.

*HUGGLES TO ELPH* Cuz you're better than complimentary peanuts.

*HUGGLES TO JEFF- well, on second thought, maybe a pat on the back* Cuz you're funny as hell

*HUGGLES To SHELBY* Cuz you're a good person, and not the bitch you think you are.

*HUGGLES TO EVERYoNE I LEFT OUT* Cuz I can't remember everyone at once! XD


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*huggle* you liar


you liar ;3
There isn't a sharp line dividing humans from the rest of the animal kingdom. It's a very wuzzie line...and it's getting wuzzier all the time. - Jane Goodall.

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<3 But alas, I think that

But alas, I think that the assertion that I'm smarter than you could easily be contested.