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You know after a big party or sleepover when everyone leaves and then you're all alone and you get really bored and depressed?

Yeahh... Sleepover Hangover. It rhymes, AND it sucks.

I need someone to talk to. PM me if you wanna chat, either MSN or Gmail works for me.

Have I ever told you guys how awesome you are? You really mean alot to me. I might bring one of my good friends here- He goes by Tuna. Or, at least, he does on Deviantart... He's a sweetheart, so if he does join be super-nice to him, mmk? X3

Anyways, so yeah, you guys are the family I have even when my family's not there for me. Haha. I love that feeling so much, having people there for me no matter what.

*HUGGLE* I love you all ;A;

I'z lonely.


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^^ we're here for you when

^^ we're here for you when you need us to be

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Yeah. Were here. Were queer.

Yeah. Were here. Were queer. And we love you.

I swear to the Lord, I still can't see, why Democracy means, everybody but me.
- Langston Hughes

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Aww, love you too. ^^ And

Aww, love you too. ^^

And new people are always welcome. xD

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