I almost Died Last Night....

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yup. but i survived:

i was eating a frozen dinner (no one felt like cooking so we all had one :P) and my mom said something that sounded funny, so i proceeded to tease her about it cause that's just what i do. and while i was laughing, a piece of turkey got into my windpipe and i started choking. i tried breathing through my nose and stay calm, but everytime id try to breathe id just choke some more. mom was just sitting on the couch wathcing and laughing, cause "thats what i get" >.>. so yeah, i was choking, and i couldnt breathe, and it felt like i was gonna passout. i got up and walked to the trash can, while holding my breathe cause i didnt want to fall or anything, and i went on to gagging while i tried to gasp for air. my little brother was standing next to me trying to see if i was ok (i felt bad for him). it was horrible, gagging while i couldnt breathe.but then again its not the first time i almost die, i just seem to be fond of choking.... >.>
it like the fifth time this happens, which really sucks....maybe i should stop trying to make fun of people while im eating.....

hahahhaha i just realized i almost DIED trying to eat a frozen dinner XD

that wouldve just sucked.

but i did survive choking on a piece of frozen turkey.... :D


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Try cooking it and you may not choke on the frozen turkey...LOL.....But glad just the same that you didn't choke to death. OFB

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i just realized how that sounded....i meant frozen dinner turkey....:D not frozen.....

"chhhhhikinnnn stewwww. i have no idea what is wrong with me O_O im sorry if i offend....not really."

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geez, be careful...haha, it sounds more like karma...