I have a headache

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I have a headache, and I'm not happy about today because my buddy L is coming over to work on a project with me, and she can be sorta... scary when she's mad D:


But really, I'm trying to relax and feel better...


It's one of THOSE days, where I feel like throwing up.

Ugh, ugh, ewwwww I feel icky. I want to lay down and sleep... But I can't. Maybe if I throw up, she won't have to come over, and then I can just play the new games my dad bought me today. Yeahhhh.

I'm lonely. I want a girlfriend. I want someone to snuggle wuggle with me T___T

I suppose I should stop complaining now... Except my father makes it IMPOSSIBLE to de-stress myself because all he ever does IS SIT IN THE LIVING ROOM AND WATCH WHATEVER I AM DOING.

Which PISSES me off, because I like being alone, I get so angry and violent whenever I can't just be ALONE. Argh! I can only stand being around people, especially men (No offense guys) for so long... DX
Men are starting to kill me at school. I have so many buddies that I'm beginning to feel very NOT alone. I like that, but... I wish girls "clicked" with me more. I have not enough girlfriends, and more guy friends. It makes my weekends SO lonely...

Sad face. I need hugs today.


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Try not to be down! Smile! Things will get better in due time. :)

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Your comment made me smile,

Your comment made me smile, that's for sure X3333
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