i have to write a research paper for English...help me pick one :D?

Adolf Hitler
10% (1 vote)
Napoleon Bonaparte
20% (2 votes)
20% (2 votes)
Charles Darwin (this one seems interesting)
50% (5 votes)
Total votes: 10


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is very intersting. in my opinon. if you choose him you can talk bout his part in the french revolution, his rise to power, his epic campaigns.
if you do him you also have to put in his quote, after deafeating french rebels, hwne he was still an officer, when asked how he had won so easily, he siad 'i showed them off with a whif of grape shot.

"we always have been, are, and i hope always will be, detested in france"-duke welington of britan

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NAPOLEON IN EGYPT!!! AND THE SCIENTIFIC EXPEDITION!!! Bit if it has to be a lengthy biography, go with what seems interesting (it seems like you want to do Charles Darwin). All seem to be more than adequately known about, so things to write about isn't a problem.

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Darwin! Because his theory

Darwin! Because his theory of evolution is epic.

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If You Choose Darwin...

...please note this article in today's NYT Magazine: