i kissed a boy and i liked it *poorly attempts to sing*

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so on saturday, i hung out with my friend(friend A.) and my other freind from spanaway(friend B.) and friend A.'s bf. and friend A. is pretty awsome, and we always wrestle around, and she will like kiss my cheeck while i squeel. and so we were wrestling on her bed, and she gave me a suprise kiss on the lips , and i was like 'EWWWWY, GIRL GERMS!' so she was like 'well i bet that {bf's name} could wash those away ;) and so then we spent a while convincing him that the best way to prove he was straight was to kiss me (because any closet case can fool around with a girl, but only a truly secure straight boy can kiss another boy XD) so when it came right down to it, i had like my arms around him, and i was like ' r u sure bout this...?' and hes like 'yeah, i really dont care...'
that kiss made my entire day great :Dhe made everyone there vow not to tell ppl tho (its sad that kissing a boy could ruin his reputation)id almost forgoten how great it felt when you and that others persons lips gentley meet...mmmm
so after that we went to 'you cant take it to you'(a play) it was really great :D then we got pulled over by the cops on the way home because friend A.'s mom drove us home in the back of a pickup, and even tho the back is enclosed, she got pulled over. for a second the guy was considering calling another car to drive us home, but i think his heart softened when freind B. started crying, cause she would be in sooooo much trouble if that happened. so we got off wit a warning. i never want to see those flashing lights coming at me again :/


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I'm sorta jealous of this actually...

I wish I had a boy to kiss... Sigh...

Anyway, that reminds me of my parents when they're drunk. My parents were driving home, and they were a little buzzed, doing 85 on the freeway.
Then they decided they had to pee, and they got out in a parking lot and just started peeing right there on the asphalt in the middle of the parking lot.

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Late at Night...

...I trust? But, the idyllic picture persists. More in this genre, however, could result in some modest tarnishing...

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she wasnt drunk...i supose its a blessing my perants dont drink...

if your ever super sad, just rember, you could have been a blowjob.

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Ooh cops are scary!

I'm actually quite jealous. One of my goals is to kiss a straight guy. Yup. I definitely have my priorities straight.

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I think that story's gonna make my day XD SIX AM GIGGLES!

and Ferrets, boy, I'm very happy for you :3
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*is jealous* not only cuz

*is jealous* not only cuz you kissed a straight guy, but cuz SOMEONE ELSE KISSED MAH FERRET!

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