I missed school today and I didn't even want to

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I missed my bus for school today because the stupid back gate wouldn't close. Did that sound dirty? Kidding! lol. Anyways, we got quite a lot of snow yesterday and last night. It was so pretty and nice for a change. When I took my little dog out for a walk today we were walking up the path and I let go of her leash and we just went running in the snow. It was fun and reminded me of being a kid. I wish I had friends that liked to still go tobogganing and snowboarding and all that stuff cause dammit, I miss it. But instead I sit inside all day long getting in worse shape and worse health. So, yeah. I just miss being in my hometown with my friends and the good old days. Life's a little depressing sometimes.

But Team Canada women's and Men's teams won yesterday and today, so yay!!!! So, that makes me happy.


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well, it doesnt mean you cant join your dog in the snow...haha, even if it looked weird, youd be enjoying yourself :D

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I did!

We went running through it :)

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So your saying you have no friends where you live now? Why not get them together and go sledding, have that snow ball fight. Have a snow party in your back yard. Invite them over and tell them to bring lots of warm clothing and have the party outside. What is stopping your from having the fun like you did as a kid. Only you are...I am sure you friends are all in the same boat...wanting to do it but not taking the chance that some one will "talk". So let them talk...have fun....sitting and wishing it to happen sounds so boring....Go for it. OFB

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I have a kid XD I still get

I have a kid XD I still get to do all that fun stuff, and a lot of my friends love to join us so can be kids with the excuse.

there are very few things in this world I love as much as I love you Elys ♥ and I shall love you past the existance of time ♥