I probably shoudln't have gone to school today...

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But I did. Because in the morning I always think "Eh, what if I'm just tired cuz I just woke up?"

And then I hate going to the nurse and getting a ride home..

Maybe I'll skip school tomorrow... then again, what if I'm better? Flehh... I probably -should- skip school. Then I'd be able to finish my essay tomorrow, and do... whatever else. Meh...

I'm amazed at my grandma... she just doesn't think. In my mum's birthday card she wrote "I'm glad I gave birth to you, even if your father wasn't" and "if you don't like your present, I'll take it." Just now, she started listing off everybody she knows that's going to stanford to my sister... who got denied from stanford. It was her first choice school, and my grandma knew that. What the hell?

She just says the most amazing things... more and more frequently, too. She didn't used to do it this much... I don't think... but she soooo does now.

And my friend doesn't trust me. He's been IMing me at all of the wrong times recently, and now I went to go get dinner, expecting to have to sit down, and told him that... I was able to eat at the computer and when I signed on he was gone. Fleh.

I hafta decide between the camp Ash recommended and the one Izy recommended.. but neither of them have been on for me to bother them about it. :P

Fleh. Again. Ah well.



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Woah, your grandma sounds

Woah, your grandma sounds sorta like a bee-otch right now O.o
No offense! D:
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Bah, I really want to go to

Bah, I really want to go to Stanford...
Anyway, I hate when family members say things that really cut deep-- whether they know they're hurting you or not. I had almost all A's in high school, about a 3.9 gpa, and applied to this school that is more for "B" students with financial issues. I even drove hours to have a face to face interview and I was denied. I'm fairly certain it was because they thought with my grades I could go to a more expensive school on financial aid. Later, my grandparents would talk about what a shame it was that I didn't get in-- I was ticked 'cause they made me feel like it was my fault.

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your grandma sounds...disagreeable.

if your ever super sad, just rember, you could have been a blowjob.