I should go to bed...

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But I don't think it would do me any good.

I was exhausted today...s till am, really. But that doesn't mean I could fall asleep. Mind you, I couldn't say why I wouldn't be able to fall asleep. I just don't feel like I could. I need to find something to do other than watch doogie howser... then again, maybe not. >>

I reallyreally hope I have a two hour delay tomorrow. That way I might be able to catch up on sleep. Blehhh.

Oh, so you know what's great? My karate instructor watches me on facebook. I accepted his friend request, sure, but that's because if I hadn't I wouldda never ehard the end of it.. I don't want him seeing that crap! I'm a teenager... I know he knows I'm not innocent, but... grmph.

And yeah, I have other adults on the page... but they're all cool, and won't bother me about crap. He will. Everything I do that he sees he'll mention.. and it's gonna drive me crazy. And I just don't -want- him knowing that stuff. Does it show up if you unfriend somebody? But then what if he noticed? Grg... ><

Yeahhh, that's all really... toodles


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you take karate? ooo, what style do you do?

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Ewwie. That sucks :/ - There

Ewwie. That sucks :/
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I think you can ignor

Him and it would not show up...do you have something on your face book site that you are ashamed of? If not so what if he sees it. Be proud of who and what you are. may be he is interested in you other than as your instructor. Does he know your ftm trans? He may be gay and attracted to your being male. Then again he may not. I don't think its anything to worry about . You can always delete him as a friend, and if problems arise at class, switch schools. Good luck regardless. OFB

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Privacy settings are your

Privacy settings are your friends. :)

You can block him from some stuff and not from others. So that way maybe he won't catch on.