i wish we had logo or bravo here.....

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im tired.
im sure mom doesnt want Christina coming over here. i dont see why she cant just think of it as her just being my "friend" and coming over just to visit and be "friendly". like she thinks about me talking on the phone with my girl. i told her that christina and her mom were most likely gonna buy the tickets today...she sounded disappointed. i mean like wtf? she has no reason to not like or not want me to see christina.
sorry, raisin bran commercial....lol.
im watching Life after People, and playing Endless Migration....i is trying to get more points...cause what i have is sad. :O theyre talking about knott's berry farm :DDDD. still havent gotten on ALL the coasters there. for some reason when i go like one or two will be closed :(. and maybe im afraid of one of them......only cause im sure id throw up or piss my pants XDDDD. No im just afraid, for some reason.....
Did you know Palm Springs is just over the mountains?
im gonna go now......
Night my fellow oasians. how would you pronounce that?