I'm down...

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I was actually pretty happy about my sister's announcement that she is having her wedding this summer, but now I'm just super stressed. Mostly it's because of the question that hit me today : "What the hell am I going to do with my two dogs?!" We'll be gone for at least two days! So, now I just don't know what to do. There's no way I'm putting my little dog in a kennel. Years ago my parents put our older dog in a kennel, and when they got him back they had high suspicions that the people at the kennel didn't treat him right. You should have seen him when we got to his cage there. I'll never forget it, he just looked so sad, like he thought he was going to be there forever, that we were never coming back. It's making me cry just thinking about it. I will never do that to him again, and I most certainly will not put my little dog through that. Ever.

It would be easy if I had someone I trusted, then they could just stay at our house and look after them while we're gone. Hmm...but I don't.

I'd rather not go to the wedding at all than take the chance and put them through something like that. There's only one week that I have ever been away from my little dog and that was when she was fairly young. Otherwise she's spent very single night of her life with me since I got her. I was even there the night she was born. I feel a bit depressed, which, I'm sure, seems silly to anyone reading this, but my animals are my family and I would do anything to protect them. I don't ever want them to suffer. My little dog has been through a lot with me. Sometimes I wonder what I would have done without her through those bad times our family went through. The one's that I wasn't sure were ever going to end. That's not even dramatic, that's the freaking truth. Through the nights that my brother was off his meds and was slamming doors and talking to himself, threatening everybody, banging walls. I don't know what I would have done without her.

I feel like shit, and now I have to try and get some sleep for school tomorrow. I didn't get a whole lot of deep sleep last night; I kept waking up throughout the night, and then I had a headache this morning. What a shit couple of days.