I'm gonna be a hobo :D

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haha, i'm actually considering this :P the first thing i ever wanted to be when i grew up was a firetruck (i dont know why, i just did, haha). but now that my mind is somewhat more "mature" i wanted to be a doctor of some sort. but i am ALWAYS changing my mind. i wanted to be a pediatrician, then a dentist, then a peditrician again, then a surgeon, then a therapist, then a medical examiner, but now, i dont feel like being a doctor-type person anymore, im at a point where i dont care what i do with my life. as long as im happy, im good. which my parents dont like, they want me to be successful and earn a lot of money for myself (im starting to think they want me to support them later on...haha, but eh, if i cant support myself, i cant support them). they want me to go to college, get a job, get married to a guy and have kids. what every parent wants for their kid. eh, as exciting as that sounds, i think i'll pass.

i dont even like the idea of being with one other person for the rest of my life, even if it's someone i love. i dont think i am capable of keeping that promise to love them and be with them until death parts us. eh, that's now, though. i might change my mind later on. haha, anyways, if i were to get married (to a guy/girl) the subject of having kids might come up. with a guy, thatd be easy, but with a girl, itd be a longer process (and even though it's more expenive and harder, i like the sound of it more than doin it with a guy :P). and if there are kids around, theyd need to be supported, so id have to work harder (so would my spouse, depends...).

haha, thinking about it, if i just dropped out of high school and became a hobo, id just worry about myself and thats it. eh, sounds selfish and lazy of me. but, as i said before, i might change my mind, like i always do. besides, im just 17, it's waaaaay to early to be thinking about it, but i'll be 18 soon, so i should speed it up a tad bit. other than this silly hobo idea idea of mine, my current plan is to finish high school, get a job, and live somewhere other than in this little prison in the middle of sort of nowhere DX


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I wanted to be a hobo while

I wanted to be a hobo while I was in college too! Though for a different reason, I wanted to write poetry and walk around and marvel at how beautiful the world is.
You should totally PM me. I LOVE the way you think.

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thanksh :D

haha, why thank you :)
writing poetry and walking around reminds me of something from an old cartoon, haha, this kid (Mikey from Recess [old show that used to show on disney]) wanted to be a troubador (traveling musician) and sing and read peotry for the people without being payed because enlightening other peoples hearts through his poetry would be enough for him (i think...)

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I also wanted to be a hobo (and sometimes still do)

I also wanted to be a hobo (and sometimes still do) my reason sound/ed a lot like yours >.< ... i hate not having direction! Its soooo annoying ... i sit threw my classes wondering what i'm doing there, everyone is all i want to be this or i'm majoring in that ... it sounds like a nice little plan ... tho i think going to college (even if its just like a couple of class) would be a good thing to do...experience supposedly helps with mapping out the future or so i've been told :)

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i was thinking that too

Yeah, maybe just a few classes. i dont want to take ones i wont enjoy, otherwise i wont learn the stuff. im just gonna continue taking ASL and see what other seemingly fun class's there are. the people saying "im gonna be a ..." should be quiet >_> it's nice that they know what they're gonna do, but it'd be nicer if they kept it to themselves

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Something about being a hobo

Something about being a hobo seems very appealing for me too. I think it's sorta something everyone has wondered about, you know? The freedom...

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thats the #1 reason why i'd be a hobo. freedom.