"Is this what heartbreak feels like...?"

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...No, baby. No it's not. It's much worse.

Fuck you, Hedwig. Now he's mad because I didn't tell him myself.



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Who was it that decided?

I gave you the chance to tell him yourself. You gave me no choice.

I know you're angry at me for it, but it had to be done. And since you didn't do it.... I did.

I'm sorry. I really am. I hope you can forgive me in time.


I love you.

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You sit there, at your

You sit there, at your computer in FLORIDA and do things that affect MY REAL LIFE HERE IN WASHINGTON. You have NO sense of privacy towards things that I told you and expected you to keep them to yourself! I thought you cared- about me, about anything. I thought you realized how important I was to you. But no, obviously not, you wouldn't give me a chance to do the right thing, and you know what? Now he's probably crying and he's not sure if he can trust me again.

I can't be mad at you because he told me not to be.

But just know you're racking up the numbers here. I'm on eight now. EIGHT. That is FOUR times what I ever had last year. You're killing me here.
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