It always amazes me..

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How just a tiny thing can shift your mood so easily.

Somebody who posted on that debate topic PMed me apologizing for any offense 'he' might have caused. I said that nothing said by anybody other than that one person had offended me, so everything was cool. She then called me brave for being able to come out... it's nearly impossible where she lives.

She's not out to the site... probably because she's been there for years. She told her mum this weekend but she's mad at her for it. Otherwise? She's out to almost nobody.

And just like that I'm in a better mood...

Meh, I mostly lost my train of thought cuz my sister stole the comp, but.. I'm happier now,so..



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Woah I read the first

Woah I read the first sentence "How just a tiny thing can shaft your mood so easily"

anyways. I'm really happy that you're feeling better. And you should slap your sister for taking the computer XD

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