it's been a while...

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to recap...
not much has happened...
i got over $250 for new years(chinese new years to you non-chinese)
saw percy jackson and the lightening thief(funny)
trying a bit harder in school...but i know i should try even harder :p
my number of pets and mothers have grown...
pet llama
pet llama #2 (was once mother but then turns out she's pet llama's
sister, therefore, not my mother)
daddy constance
mommy hailey
mommy jennifer
mommy diana
pet freshman
pet freshman #2
pet tomato
pet junior
pet flying blob
pet korean kitty
pet spethal senior
pet marshmellow
pet unicorn
pet cow(cao)/secret boyfriend garret
brother hope
sister daniel
sister miranda
pet mexican kitty
aunty steph(mommy hailey's sister)
aunty stephanie(daddy constance's sister)
pet piano man(girl...woman?)
pet pillow taco!

enough about me and my family...what's up with y'all?


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That's- a- me! :D
and I'm doing good, just awake real early >.<
There isn't a sharp line dividing humans from the rest of the animal kingdom. It's a very wuzzie line...and it's getting wuzzier all the time. - Jane Goodall.

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thought i'd forget about you huh? haha *pats head*

Hi, I'm a reading Rainbow! :)

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Hey you!

Glad to see a friendly face posting again. :)

"No inappropriate behavior. Inappropriate like cursing? No, inappropriate like fucking." - But I'm a Cheerleader :-)

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Lol. . .been busy :) Hi, I'm

Lol. . .been busy :)
Hi, I'm a reading Rainbow! :)

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Glad to see you again :D I

Glad to see you again :D

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