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My sister has a friend over. Some guy she's talked to for like four hours on skype for the past two night... I mean like four hours each. And it's weird.. like.. not protective, but..

Okay, when my stepbrothers have friends over, I don't really care.. not that they do, only their girlfriends. Mind you, I don't care about them either. Usually I don't care about my sister's friends either. No, that's a lie, they're all my friends too. xD

But I'm trying to figure out how to act around him. Like, I wanna be able to talk to him but then I feel like a creeper. And for the first time since... well, in a -long- time, she went for a walk without inviting me. Have I mentioned, I've been wanting to go for a walk for a few days now? >>

Whatever. Is this what it's like to be somebody's brother? Or would I feel this way if I was still acting as her sister? Ew, sister... not doing that again. ><

She has a boyfriend.. but she's not as into him anymore. And I just get the vibe that she's interested in this guy. And I feel like it's not fair to her boyfriend. I also feel like she should try to stay interested in a guy while she's actually in a relationship.. cuz she's had a boyfriend, at least sorta, three times (including this one). There was R... crazynice guy, and she was -definitely- into him when they started dating. The first time he came over she tried to get me to go to a friend's house... how weird. But she seemed to lose interest quickly. The second guy she was never -really- into, but.. I dunno. And now the same thing that happened with the first one is happening again. She was really into this guy at first. Now she's losing interest. And seemingly gaining interest in another guy..

Man, I really do feel like the stereotypical brother. Only I shouldn't care, cuz I'm three years younger than her and have never dated. What do I know?

Meh, whatever. I'm off... See ya.