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I had... so much fun yesterday.

Besides my mood-swings.

But I spent alot of time with Hoffer, who was very nice to me. We laughed and played and play-fought and had a long heart-to-heart... about Jonah...

I can't explain anything, I told him I wouldn't tell Jonah or anybody. I told Katy, but only because I was crying. Y'know.

And Garret was nice, a bit clingy... but... I told him today, and he apologized. He's very sweet like that. So I'm talking to him right now, and eating lunch that I made. I've been cooking alot lately :3

I am angry, I think Jonah has a few games I lent to him still. ANGRY. If he finds them, he'll pawn them or something...



Just kiddin'.

I think clingyness just means he really likes me, right? And he ran out of his car to hug me. That was cool.

Also, Jonah was mean to my SISTER XD

haha. He's such a douche.