Kat and Lily - Skins interview

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It's actually a pretty good interview with the girls who play the AWESOME lesbian couple, Emily and Naomi, on Skins. Just thought I'd share. Enjoy =)


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Very Awesome. :)

Do you know if there's anyway to watch season 4??

I really really REALLY want to watch it...

Oh and as a random side note, I wish they were actually lesbians.

How cool would that be?!? lol.

<3 FLAME ON! <3

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Yep, This person has the first episode on Youtube, and somehow managed to avoid getting suspended for it. lol. Have fun!

I'm now just waiting patiently for this weeks episode, it's Emily's!!! :) I can't wait!

And I completely agree, I wish they were lesbians. Not that I'd have any chance or anything, but it would be cool.