Late Night Thoughts.....

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i was thinking about 8 months ago.
i remember just randomly looking at who was on
and a new sn got my attention
i remember clicking on it and it taking me here:
although that wasnt the profile pic, this was:my girl
gosh, i thought she was the prettiest girl i had ever seen
just...painfully beautiful
i knew then and there
i wanted her, and i wouldnt stop until i had her.
so i pm'd her,
i welcomed her to oasis, i was nervous as hell
she didnt know me so what the hell
i was willing to give it a shot
im sure i sounded nervous and dorky
im sure she noticed
i felt comfortable
so i opened up, she opened up
we talked
we flirted
well...she started it :) i have proof:"haha, yes really. so dont tell anyone. it's our little secret. shh. i shall silence you with kisses if you dont keep it to yourself. lol. funny is good. i like funny. hehe..."
i logged on everyday, as soon as i woke up
anxious to talk to her again
for hours
and then somewhere in between i fell in love.
there was something about this girl,
something different
i didnt know exactly what
but i wanted to find out
i wanted this girl
for nights,
i dreamt about her
cute dreams
she made me happy
then i remember her giving me her phone number
i remember calling her and being so nervous
i remember constantly getting butterflies
i remember not knowing what to talk about
i didnt know where to start
i remember her asking me to be her girlfriend
i remember being so happy because she was finally mine
mine and mine only
i remember talking to her for so many hours
all the pointless conversations we had
how much we laughed at stupid things.
god, i love her
and i dont think anyone understands exactly how much
she really means to me
she makes feel better when im sad
and i love her so much
i cant believe she's coming to see me next month.
im excited, ive waited for this for what feels like forever
god, i love her.
i remember when i first thought about making her mine
i hoped
she wasnt out of my league
i hoped she wasnt taken
cause if she was id be heartbroken
im glad she's mine and only mine :D
oh yes, teenage love
isnt it great?


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Yes. This site has brought

This site has brought love to me too, isn't it amazing? <3
I'm so happy for you! :)
There isn't a sharp line dividing humans from the rest of the animal kingdom. It's a very wuzzie line...and it's getting wuzzier all the time. - Jane Goodall.

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congrats. i met someone here

congrats. i met someone here 2. lol and it basically happened that way to. almost exactly like that. your lucky you guys are meeting. best of luck.