Love, Or, a Commentary on Man's Salvation

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This isn't a story like a lot of the things I write as commentaries.

But I feel I've been highly unfair to the world. My motto is "People are Stupid." That's true, but not in the way I sometimes see it.

Humanity is so stupid in that we spend so much time and energy hating each other. In that we spend so much time defining ourselves as separate.

By Jove, it's wrong, and I was wrong. I was stupid! People are wonderful! People are amazing!

People are stupid!

But you know what? People love. Even stupid people love.

It's stupid not to love.

Instead of looking at society, let's look at the individual for a moment.

A mother holds her baby as he cooes a "baba" while reaching up to grab her cheek. She loves him.

A young man pulls himself close to his boyfriend as he wakes up from a bad dream, and finds his warmth comforting. He loves him.

Little children play in the park and a little boy kisses a girl to meet the laughter of his friends, "cooties, cooties!" They love life.

So many things like this happen around us, even in the middle of tragedy.

In WWI, there was a time that on Christmas eve the Germans and French fighting in the trenches called a ceasefire. They exchanged gifts amongst themselves and the opposing forces played soccer with one another. They weren't opposing forces then. They weren't killers, or machines, or soldiers. They were human. Before anything else they were human.

Love. It's incredible. It's beautiful.

Love is the salvation of our race, it's the way forward. Man and man, woman and woman, by god, even man and woman (SHOCK!), love can help. We must love our fellow humans.

Progress! We must make progress, and love is the way forward, love for each other and not ourselves, not our money, not our religion, not our wars. We must love the people around us! We must love humanity!

This is the way forward, to me.

I will always see our faults and our evils, and I will always point them out. But if I become a misanthropic sonofabitch like I have in the past, the same thing will bring me back from those depths: I remember love.

I love you, all of you that read this. I extend my gratitude to you for listening to my self-indulgent rants. *HUG*


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i saw that movie about WW1,

i saw that movie about WW1, it was great.
I agree, though... hate never got anyone anywhere. it just causes more hate.

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I'm glad you're happier now.

I'm glad you're happier now. ^^

If only that would betopped off by thisstupid space bar working... but that's not something that needsto be posted on your journal, so nevermind. xD

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