Mini-rant time

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I still feel like a jerk for posting so much in one day but I guess I'm thoughtful when I'm home sick/bored out of my skull/avoiding boring mythology homework.

I'm in the mood for ranting about kind of pointless things, such as.

DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN the word "calorie" meant "The amount of energy stored in food?"

Because they're selling low-calorie Gatorade now. It doesn't make any sense to me. AT ALL. And I feel the need to rant about this because it seems like everyone has COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN what calories are.

And if I didn't eat or drink things with calories in them I wouldn't be here to write about how stupid I think low-calorie Gatorade is or complain about how only -one- of my eyes is irritated and how it's making me nuts.

My right eye is all red and irritated and if there's something in it, it's awfully small/persistent because it's been gradually getting worse all day and it obviously hasn't come out yet. I hope it'll go away in the morning.

Oh, also. I did add Long-distance-boy on facebook and it's almost a little weird because of how easy it was. :P He's a neat person but I feel kind of bad because Blackbelt misses talking to him and I hate how down that kid's been lately and it's not LDB's fault (well, LDB better hope it's not anyway. For his own sake. I'm so close to messaging that kid with the big-brother talk, which goes "hurt him and I hurt you." ) but I mean, so much is going well for that guy (like he had a revision a couple of days ago, and he's going to have surgery in the summer.) but so much isn't too and he's still really upset about his dog's death last Christmas and I don't blame him because I would be too, but I really really really want him to feel better.

And I'm still worried that when he goes to college next fall he'll start dropping communication with me the way LDB has been with him.

Why does my every post end up being about this guy huh? Blackbelt this, Blackbelt that. It's like a freaking plauge of the mind I swear.

Anyway. I think I'll be able to go to school tomorrow, unless like, my eye falls out or something. Though it'll be terrible if my cough keeps up. Binding and coughing do NOT go together, at all, ever.

My hair is starting to knot up. (I'm starting dreads) It's kind of cool. But weird. Because in some places it's like FUZZY KNOTS and in some places it's just like FUZZ without the KNOTS and still others are kind of curled together but sort of loosely and some other places are really tightly curled together like, it's also knotted up so the hair is tightly together and matted a bit and there's all sorts of in-betweens. I seriously doubt you're all that interested in my hair but you know what? this is MY JOURNAL and I can blab about it anyway SO THERE.

And now, I leave you with an equally ADHD Old Spice ad because I thought it was funny and plus there's a shirtless dude. Bonus right? (unless you're a lesbian.)

Oh yeah, title may seem inaccurate, but it's not. Because all of the individual rants are pretty short. ;)


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I hope your eye doesn't fall out.

Your hair sounds like it'll be cool. My hair just kind of hangs there, boringly.

And yeah, it's like the word calorie has entirely lost its meaning. I took chemistry, so I know what it means, but I'm sure many people would just say, "uh, I don't know, aren't those bad?"

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Me too...

My hair kind of just does whatever it wants to, always. I just quit fighting it really. XD Curly hair is like that though, I'd swear it was sentient if I didn't know better.

And yeah, sometimes I seriously doubt that anyone actually knows what nutrition even starts with.