Moving soon.

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Again. :/

Sometime within the next two weeks.

At least I'll be going to the same school.

Well, I guess I've never told you guys how much I've moved.

I've been to 24 schools since kindergarten. I can't remember if it's 24 including the school I'm at now, or not including the school I'm at now.

Still, 24 is a lot.

That averages to about two schools per year.

Which, isn't entirely accurate. There's schools I've been to for two full years.

And also there was a school I only went to for three weeks.

I don't want to have to pack again dammit....

But at least I'll have my own room! Albeit, it's a small room, but a room to myself nonetheless! I wanna be able to sleep in the nude again! LMAO.

But really, I hate moving.

And then next year I'll be moving again to go off to college...

Fuck, college. That's scary. Am I really already almost 17? What the fuck? Yesterday I was 12.

I'm preparing to leave home and go off to college and get work. How terrifying. And the most terrifying thing about that? That means that for one, I'll have to learn to drive, which I'm terrified to do. Literally. I have to pull over sometimes because I start crying I'm so scared. The funny part? I'm a good driver and I know it. But I'm also aware that others are terrible drivers.

And it's also scary because I'm.. scared of growing up. And it doesn't help that I'll be flying solo next year, all my friends are seniors.

And then panic starts to set in... Where will if go to school? What will I major in? Can I afford school? Can I afford to get a place? Can I manage a job and school at the same time? What if I fail?

What if, what if, what if?

I'm scared of the unknown.


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OMG I FUCKING HATE DAVE RAMSEY! sorry your college rant set it off... *hugs* its okay sweetheart! I know how you feel about the sleeping thing... mum opens my doors to wake me up for skool... and I thrash in my sleep... *blushes*

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Don't worry. I hate driving

Don't worry. I hate driving too, so I don't drive. Its as simple as that. You don't HAVE to drive.

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