My bday and such

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So yeah, it was my bday a little while ago ( like a couple weeks ago). It was nice. six friends and I saw "A Fish Called Wanda" at my house, then ate a very lovely and classy dinner my mom made us. It was really nice. My guy friend gave me a cool button and a drawing he did from Brokeback Mountain, where Jack Twist and Ennis del Mar are standing face-to-face by each other, but not looking at each other's eyes. That was really sweet. Speaking of Brokeback Mountain, I got this amazing late-1970's National Geographic from my art teacher, where there's this article about cattle herders, and there's this one photograph straight out of Brokeback Mountain. It's the right time and setting and everything. It's these two worn cowboys (but actualy cowboys, not yeeha's) in the doorway of this giant canvas pitch tent, drinking their morning coffee, not looking at each other. They're both leaning against the wooden pole holding up the canvas for the door, but really they're just kind of standing really close. I thought it was kind of sweet, in the gay context.