My insides...

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Have been making a full attempt at becoming outsides.

I was bedridden all evening yesterday, like, I decided to take a nap when I got home, and then I woke up with a fever. JOY.

And then felt like I was going to throw up whenever I like, moved. And I did a few times. But I was pretty much stuck laying on my back weather I could get back to sleep or not. I couldn't even shift to lying on my side because that made me super nauseated and feel like puking again. So now my whole back is stiff due to not moving around much.

And none of my homework is done because I fell asleep like, -when- I got home. And then I was too stick to do my homework. XP And I'm less sick but I still really don't feel like doing it.

And I feel -so- dehydrated too. I've been doing my darnedest to stay hydrated but it's like my body just soaks up the water completely. And if I drink too much at once I feel super nauseous again.

Anyway, V-day is coming up. Joy. But it's okay because my Testosterone anniversary is coming up too and I could cry (and probably will, on the 15th) because of how fortunate I am and how it's been a year already yaddah yaddah. It's funny because I started getting emotional again, like the testosterone made me pretty stoic, and I don't cry nearly as often anymore, but I've been pretty emotional again recently. Like, a guy at the trans meeting I go to mentioned how his dad's work is going to cover his surgery so he's getting top surgery soon, I almost cried out of happiness for him. And I hardly even know him. XD'

I'm probably going to be a sobbing mess when I finally do get surgery. And then everyone is going to be worried that something's wrong and I'll be like "hell no, I'm just happy"

Anyway, I'm going to get something to drink and go back to sleep now. XP I don't think I'm going to school tomorrow. (er, today.) because I'm still like "GUH" and plus the nurses would just send me home anyway.


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aw.. I`m sorry you`re sick.

aw.. I`m sorry you`re sick. *sends you ibuprofen through the internet waves*


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have you tried ginger ale or

have you tried ginger ale or gatorade/powerade?

i had the same nonsense a few months back and found that mixing sprite with red powerade really helped.

hope you feel better man. :(

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Please get better soon :D I

Please get better soon :D

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