My stomach kept growling today during French class.

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You know what I find slightly hypocritical? Well, you all know about those girls at school who are mean, right? The one who called me a fatass knows this transguy and is really good friends with him. She also thinks he's crazy hot. Anyway, she was talking about him today, something about how he was debating getting the surgery. And although sometimes she accidentally calls him a girl, it actually seems like she treats him like a human, but god forbid she stop torturing the lesbian. What the hell? Hmm, I wonder how he'd react if he heard how ignorant she can be.

Then she told this random girl who walked by me that I was going to rape her and then laughed about it. Stupid bitch.

I wish my school would hear this song:

In other news, French Class Girl and Irritating Girl were uber gay today. I'm serious. The first thing Irritating Girl said to her was, "OH MY GOD FRENCH CLASS GIRL YOU ARE SOOOO BEAUTIFUL TODAY!"


Um, wow.

And that's not all. They said "I love you" to each other and pretty much held hands for a couple of minutes. Oh, and apparently they've started hanging out with each other after school. ;D Haha, oh, who knows what they get up to then...

I think French Class Girl realized her closet was becoming increasingly more transparent, though, so she decided to speak loudly of some celebrity guy's body. How very convincing, French Class Girl... I'm pretty sure that no one could EVER think you're gay now! :|


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It's sorta hard to sit here

It's sorta hard to sit here and read all the retarded things that go in at your school and then remember that it's actually happening in real life.

Gee, French Class Girl bugs me :C
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I really wish I could gather

I really wish I could gather up all the people of Oasis and show everyone my school one day.

French Class Girl depresses me if I think too hard about her. She needs help...

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just remebr supa duck...

dont touch any hair brushes they give you...

if your ever super sad, just rember, you could have been a blowjob.

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Ugh, I won't! -shudders-

Ugh, I won't! -shudders-

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For the record...

I agree with Lily Allen regarding the idiots at your school.

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I wish there was a way I

I wish there was a way I could like, hijack the intercom and play it for them all. D: